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Saturday, August 7, 2010

Making a Date with a Book

I read an interesting article by Arielle Ford where she discusses the reasons someone buys a book. As for myself I will buy a book only if I can first actually hold it in my hand. I need to be able to read the synopsis and the info on the author. If I do buy a book online it is only after I have looked at it in hand.

I don’t really care where it is on the best seller list of The New York Times because I am not the “every person” reader. Nor do I base my decisions on someone else’s reviews. I certainly wouldn’t take into account a book store shelf talker as I would wonder if it is being highlighted because they just bought too many books.

I have quirky tastes and tend to stay within certain genres. You will never find me picking up a Harry Potter Book or any of the Twilight series. Though they are widely popular their story lines do not appeal to me. I do tend to be loyal to an author once I find that I like their story format. At times I pass on my favorite authors as the storyline has become too predictable.

When I have to start looking for a new author to read it is like the dating process. I have to first be attracted to the cover. I’ll look it over and compare it to the others on the shelf. Then we will say our first hello as I read the synopsis. The next stop is like going out for coffee as I get a little more background by reading about the author and maybe read the first few pages. If all that goes well we’re ready for the date or the book purchase. The reading is the romance. Unfortunately there is always the tender parting when the story is done. If it is part of a series there is always that chance for a more serious relationship.

If you’d like to read more about what Arielle Ford on “What Motivates the Book Buyer?” you can click here.

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