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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Yes, You Can - Writing Challenge Day 7

In reviewing the potential sources for my article it appears that it should be written within a 500-800 word count maximum. That let me know how detailed I can be.

I've written up my story and given it to two people to review and give me their feedback. I got one back with just minor changes, did a rewrite, and sent it to a second reviewer. I am now putting together a sidebar of facts to add to the story and a short puzzle to go with it. These will also be sent to the magazine.

An additional note from another book I am reading...I just ran across the term "The rule of 12" which relates to the concept of having 12 pieces at any given time in submission somewhere. In checking on my submissions, I discovered I currently have 7 pieces out. I will work to have more outgoing like this story to get it up to 12 pieces. And that doesn't count having someone critiquing my stories!

The other rule that I really need is "The rule of 24." This rule says that you should always wait an additional 24 hrs after you've done your final edit to review one more time before sending it out to an editor. This is critical to me as I get so excited about writing that I want to send it out immediately. By having that additional time to review my story one more time, I have found an error that needed correcting or a better way to get my point across.

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