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Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yes, You Can - Writing Challenge Day 13

As most writers don't own their own publishing companies, the book tells how we need to seek out venues that will accept our writing. I do this by subscribing to newsletters that give leads to companies that are currently seeking unsolicited manuscripts whether they are short stories or books. I probably spend 5 hours a week reviewing these sources. Some of the leads are a fit for my work, some are not, others are hopeful. By hopeful, I am referring to sources that I do not currently have a writing sample that fits their guidelines, but someday I would like to write for that genre type.

As an example, I've saved one writer's guidelines for a mystery publisher. I am an avid reader of mystery and suspense,when I allow myself to read for fun. I have written a couple of stories in this genre though, I don't believe they are ready for publication. I also have an outline for a murder mystery, but just the outline. "Someday" I tell myself I will write for that genre. For now I am trying to stay focused.

Now I will delve into being non-focused. In reading today's batch of writer's guidelines, I ran across one for greeting cards. I have always thought it would be fun to write greetings cards, tossing out bon mots and quirky quips. So I took the time to read through the guidelines thoroughly. It got my attention and I wanted to learn more. I didn't understand a part of the guideline standards and I noticed it had a phone number so I called to get more specifics.

I discovered that it was a small greeting card company and the editor had the time to talk to me about submissions. We chatted for several minutes,laughed about writing, and shared stories of our work history. We definitely clicked. I thought this person would be a great interviewee, if I could just find a source. I also thought that since we had a good rapport, I should build on that and send her something while she still remembered who I was. Only problem, I don't have any short verses for greeting cards at the ready. So now I am wondering how I can become inspired to write greeting card verse?

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