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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yes, You Can - Writing Challenge Day 14

In this section of Nancy's book, she suggests that you have a reference library to include market guides for writing. There are a number of them that you can pick up at your local bookstore. Amazon currently lists 284 choices for writing guides if you really want to pick and choose. I would also suggest reading reviews of these books before you buy. I have read numerous editions and would probably only recommend half of them.

What I noticed was lacking in her list was the vast amount of resources available on the web. There are great blogs that offer leads for publishers online and in print that are accepting submissions. These blogs also offer many tips for writing. I would like to pass on a few of the ones I subscribe to weekly. They are found at the bottom of this blog. You can be added to their weekly updates or check on them at your leisure. Through these and other online sources I now have a list of over 70 publishers who might be a fit for my writing.

Getting ready for a webinar now. I will add more leads to the blog list as I find others that I might think are helpful.

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