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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Yes, You Can - Writing Challenge Day 19

Today was my monthly meeting with my writing critique group which usually runs about 4 hours. This group is such an encouragement to me! Our first speaker, who is an established writer did an inspirational talk on getting over rejection. That came as a shock to me as this woman has several books under her name. I wouldn't think she would have problems with rejection letters. I thought she would be tossing one of those aside and then just reading another acceptance letter. Even established writers get rejections - and not just requests to re-write!

Hearing that was a plus and a minus, but I should have realized it was a fact. I have been in sales for years and it really doesn't get any easier. I thought people would appreciate my experience and knowledge, but they don't. I still have to work for each and every sale. Of course, it is a little easier with past clients who already know and like me. It's like having an editor who has purchased my work, knows my follow through and wants to use me again because I live up to my promises. Each query or proposal is my way of trying to make the sale of my manuscript. Just like sales, it's a numbers game. Even top sales reps or established writers don't win every time.

Another speaker discussed her experiences with The Institute of Children's Literature. As a result of the classes she has taken, she has sold 2 stories and is working on proposal for a non-fiction children's book. I also discovered that 6 or 7 other writers in my group had also taken these classes. All had positive feedback for what they had learned. I was pleased and a bit surprised to hear that as I had read negative feedback on some blogs about taking these courses. So many of the blogs I read are offering courses and I start wondering if that is how they make their money rather than by writing.

I did a short talk about someone who will do critiques for free. There was lots of interest in that. This person is not a published writer, but does have a good eye for editing. She did a short story for me that had been rejected by a publisher and gave me great insight. That chat might bring her a deluge of new work to review. I hope she will have the time.

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