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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Breathing In and Focusing on My Destiny

This is the closing post for the blog chain that I participate in monthly. To the right of this missive I have included the list of writers for July. I usually set up my post for the early part of the month to present my "fresh" ideas so I don't get caught up in what everybody else says. This way I can add a new twist or "fresh" idea to the topic for the month. However, this month has been very busy for me with lots of time spent on my secondary job while my primary job just flounders because of our recession. So I decided to wait until the end of the month when I had time off for "fresh" thinking and "fresh" energy.

You've probably noted my repeated use of the word "fresh" which was very deliberate. Our topic for the month is "fresh air" which I am going to take as meaning being refreshed or challenged. If you don't let a little fresh air into your life and thinking you'll get stagnant. That's what I think I've been doing somewhat in my life and now I am being challenged to be renewed and re-invigorated. I'm learning to breathe in fresh air of a major life change.

For the past 25 years I have lived and worked in Southern California in the real estate industry. This is the second recession we have faced in our area. The last one shook a lot of Realtors out of the business and this time my husband and I think it is time for a change for us as well. We have decided to move out of state and go to Texas. We have family and friends who have been suggesting it for years. You can just bleed your reserves so long. Once again we are both doing double jobs to try to make ends just as we did in the 90's. I'm not complaining, though I have whined a bit about it to my husband.

What I have learned in this season of change and fresh thinking, is finding out what I value. We are going to put our "dream home" up for sale which means packing up. We've already had the garage sale and donated lots of stuff to Goodwill with more to come. I'm finding it easy to let go of the "stuff" in this house we don't need and am looking forward to downsizing. Plus it means a lot less to pack-up! I am a bit anxious about the changes ahead but know that God's in control and we will survive this change as we have others.

What is more important to me than my things is my relationship with my husband. It seems to be getting stronger, just as it did in our last economic downturn. We tend to draw from each others strengths and value each other more -- especially since we are seeing each other less. That's the hardest change as we love being with each other as much as possible.

I am also focusing more on my Bible reading and trying to discover what God wants from me. I am gaining strength from listening to Christian music and hearing inspirational Christian teaching as I drive my long work commute. I understand that this is a new challenge for me and I want to make sure I follow in the destiny that God wants for me. I'm still not sure what that may be, but I am trying to be open to His direction.

Do you wonder what your destiny is? I've attached a link to a video of an inspirational talk I heard last weekend from a survivor of the Twin Towers collapse on 9/11. It's a bit long, but it is truly inspiring. It tells how his destiny was forever changed by that day. We may not each have such a dramatic event, but we need to look at our life and decide if we are living up to our destiny.

Here's the link...
Photos: The Alamo in San Antonio, TX where we plan to move, A home for sale but not ours - don't need to advertise it here, The band, Sidewalk Prophets, who penned the song, "The Words I Would Say" which is one of my favorites


  1. Chris, your honesty is a breath of fresh air. May God give you the strength you need to walk through a big cross-country move, continuing to deepen your relationship with your husband as He draws you step-by-step, breath-by-breath closer to Himself, till your hearts begin to beat as one.

  2. Thanks, Cindee! I like how your comment even reflected our monthly topic.

  3. A fresh start is not only a challenge but it's also very invigorating. All the best to you as you embark on a new chapter.

  4. I will be praying for your family in this transition. I know that God has great things in store for His believers. It is no less for you. Thank you for this post, may we all be just as positive as you through our life changes. Thanks.

  5. Great post...I hope/pray your situation improves. I've heard of a lot of people downsizing on their homes/lifestyle, etc. and often times their life improves as they realize they've accumulated a lot of "stuff" over the years they really didn't need anymore.

  6. Glad that you can find positives during difficult times. My wife seems so much more resilient during the tough times than me. When a bill comes she worries more about my reaction than the bill itself. lol. May God bless you in your new life.
    I hope moving house it not too stressful for you. I have never moved more that a ten minute drive from old house to new before. I imagine moving from one state to another must bring its own unique challenges. (Can't keep making trips to the old house every day for a week to finish moving all your stuff). It is good that you are downsizing all your stuff before you go though. When I have moved I've tended to just bring all the rubbish with me.

  7. Chris thank you for sharing your trial, I recognized it word for word, since our life was just uprooted and replanted. In the tough times you really begin to see what is important-"it's only stuff" I said with absolute assurance. Once the Lord made it plain this was what we were to do, I couldn't drop it fast enough. Faith is only real when it's tested. My marriage also grew stronger as we encouraged each other. Once we started the new adventure, the Lord was at the helm, cleared away all obstacles in our path and brought us safely to a place of rest where his blessings have not ceased. You'll be blessed more than you can imagine once you let go of fear and hold on to Jesus hand. Blessings and courage!!