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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

How to Achieve your Writing Goal

One thing I know about myself is that I am a great procrastinator. I also tend to lose interest in writing projects when a new and exciting idea hits my brain and I want to write about that! When that happens I can write into the early hours of the morning.  

Since I am so much caught up in start and stop writing, I thought I'd look back on some previous goal setting. The example below was done two years ago. As I currently am trying to build up a new career, I don't have the same amount of time for writing as I did then. I just thought it might give others the encouragement to set daily, weekly or even monthly goals. I'd suggest doing the shorter ones to prevent procrastination.
Weekly Goals

1.      Write Press release for Career Guide – done, check Tues for review to send

2.      Send release to at least 3 newspapers plus L.A. Times
Completed! Sent out 5

3.      Send release to R.E. Magazines as well – have names & addresses
Completed! Sent out 4

4.      Write pitch for family magazines queries
Helping children deal with moving
Tips for making a move – how to plan
One more??

5.      Send out 5 queries to family magazines with the above  pitches

6.      Write a new children’s story or do a final edit on reptile story
Did a new edit on reptile story – will meet again with interviewee to confirm facts

7.      Work on either Christmas story – working on Santa’s suit
Story is now 50% complete for first draft

8.      Send in 5 blog posts – 4 blog post done,

9.      Blog on 5 blogs about my blog
Completed! Goggled children’s writer’s blogs and posted 6 of them with links to mine

10.   Bring Comfort food story to Writer’s group to critique
Completed! Got 2 reviews

What are your writing goals? How are you going about getting them accomplished?

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