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Wednesday, December 24, 2014

On Christmas Eve

T’was the day before Christmas, when all through the town

All the shoppers were scurrying
  with many a frown
     With gifts still to buy

         for niece, nephew and son,
           They wondered if shopping

              would ever be done  

         The roads all were clogged
           with cars big and small 

            Trying to get in or out
        of some shopping mall
                                                              The drivers weren’t happy 
                                                                  each honking a horn
                                                                     No sign of goodwill,
                                                                         just plenty of scorn

                                                        Then out on a corner  

                                                             a small group came together
                                                                   Although it was cold
                they thought not of the weather
     Once in their places,          
         they started their song
               With hopes to cheer drivers
                      as they traveled along

           Very few drivers
               at first seemed to care
                   Most didn’t notice

                           even that they were there

                                                                 Then little by little
                                                                    windows started rolling down
                                                                          As drivers began to wonder
                                                                                 what is that sound?                                             
                                                        The words they heard
                                                              of a midnight clear
            About a sacred birth
                   of a baby so dear
    With choirs of angels
          gathered in a throng
                To proclaim his coming
                       in beautiful song

The songs continued on
       about peace on earth
              And of the importance
                                        of a virgin birth
                                                            About three  kings    
                                                                  and the gifts that they brought
                                                                          To the baby born king
                                                                                 whom they had sought

       Lastly they sang
             about that one holy night
                      When a special star
                                 gave out a bright light
         A child was born
               to bring us salvation
                     Not just for a few,
                            to each and every nation

                                                               Soon many a driver
                                                                    broke out in applause
                                                                          Remembering the season
                                                                     wasn’t about Santa Claus                                                   
         It wasn’t about
                All the gifts they could buy    
                       Or the food they had 
                            when friends would drop by

         It wasn’t about getting
             the latest and best toy
                   Or something special
                         to wear and enjoy

                                                                 It wouldn’t be found
                                                                      in any mall or store
                                                                           Still it was something
                                                                                 that all should ask for

The season of Christmas  
     is all about giving
        From the God in heaven
           to all of us living

He sent his son to live
    and die on this earth
       To let us know
          Our souls have true worth
                                                                           When you sing the words
      of “Silent Night                                           Think of something special,                                                                                                                    
to give Him delight

                                                        It’s not a shiny present 
                                                             found under a tree
                                                                  Sing "Happy Birthday, Jesus!
                                                                        I give my heart to thee"

Copyright Christmas 2013 - Christine Henderson

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