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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

Christmas Texas Style: An Interview with Holly Castillo

Why did you choose a Christmas theme for your current book?
Christmas is my favorite time of the year, and the traditions from the 1800s are so incredible I couldn't wait to share them!

Could you give me a short synopsis of the story for my readers?
Gabby Trevino loves the holidays, especially when she gets to spend them with her family in San Antonio. Gabby is a gifted healer and midwife and is shocked to discover her cousins have opened their home to a Doctor from London--the new Doctor for San Antonio, Luke.

Instantly the two disagree on best practices, but they begin to bond as they work to rebuild his clinic. Gabby is overjoyed to teach Luke about a Texas Christmas. But each one holds a secret from their past that can jeopardize everything. Will they be able to overcome all odds and find their own Christmas miracle?

What made you decide to do a Christmas themed book?
The Christmas season is magical. It is a time of year when families come together from near and far and joy is shared with everyone. That--and of course, the food is terrific! I wanted to capture all of these wonderful things in a story about a love between two strangers that have the odds against them...but Christmas magic can be a powerful thing! 

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?

Making tamales is one of my favorite Christmas traditions. It is something I've come to appreciate over the years, and, while we don't do it as much as we used to, we always make sure to have fresh tamales at Christmas dinner. I also love decorating the house. There are so many ways to decorate for Christmas as I learned when researching for Texas Christmas. I have a newfound love of poinsettias, and you may, too, after reading Texas Christmas!

What’s next?
I'm currently working on my next set of four novels. They continue with the Torres Family of the Texas Legacy Series, only in contemporary times. The first book involves an excavation of the Alamo! 

What’s the best writing tip you’ve learned or been give that you’d like to share?
Always write from the heart. Write what you love, and people will love to read it.

What do you know now about writing and publishing you wish you had learned sooner?
Publishing can be a fickle animal! My Publisher, Tule Publishing, is phenomenal. But all of the work they have to do behind the scenes to get books out and available on the publication date is incredible. I wish I had known all of those pieces and parts sooner to fully understand the process. It's amazing! 

Any last words or tips?
Never stop writing. Even if it is in your journal. Even if it is just a scene in your head that will never go away. You have no idea how it could be in a book—write it down. You never know when it will come in handy, or when a simple phrase will lead to a fully published book!

That’s all for today’s interview. If you’d like to learn more about Holly’s writing, here are two options to get you started.

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