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Monday, December 24, 2018

Bringing Life's Remembrances to Print: Author Interview with Paula Rose Michelson

How did you come up with the idea of your Christmas themed book?
When my daughters asked me to write about our life – they were married and had families of their own – I wrote about things they would remember and want to share with their children.  These remembrances were printed out and sent to each of them at Christmas time.

A few years later, I felt the Lord encouraging me to add real stories about what it was like to grow up Jewish in a country that seemed to us to be mostly Christian. I loved doing this because I could share the blessings God gave me when I received His son by faith.

Could you give me a short synopsis on the book for my readers?
The Elephant’s Christmas is a collection of true stories, which span many years. Though some seemed unimportant when they happened, Jesus showed me that each one was important to Him. I mention this because you, like me, may only know the eternal value of what you’re experiencing many years after.

What made you decide to do a Christmas themed book?
I knew this was to be a Christmas book before I started writing it. The hardest thing I had to do was think of the right title for what is now chapter six. I was blessed when my husband Ron suggested I title that story The Candy Cane Lane Caper.

One reader said of The Elephant’s Christmas…5-Stars! “If there were a Chicken Soup book for Christmas, I think these remembrances would be in it!” 

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?
I love everything that is Christmas. However, now that I’m in my 70’s my favorite tradition is remembering all the blessings God has given us starting with His son. 

With our daughters and their families living far away, our family traditions with them are phone chats. As a Pastor’s wife, many of our traditions occur at our church and include friends, our faith family, and making sure that all are included. Since some can’t come to us, we go to them.

What’s next?
Thanks for asking! In time for Christmas, the first of my 23 Gracie & The Save a Soul Prayer Team book titled A Heartbroken Father (A Fruit of the Spirit, Volumn1) for middle readers just released. Also, just released is a short novella titled Rosa & Miguel ~ Love’s Legacy ~ The Prequel to The Naomi Chronicles. 

These Inspiration Christian Fiction’s written from a Messianic viewpoint have been enjoyed by many. Also released is the first of 23 children’s 10-year-old Gracie & the Save a Soul Prayer Team books.

What’s the best writing tip you’ve learned or been given that you’d like to share? 
Write everything first. Do not edit. Do not try to make sense of what you’re writing. Once you’re finished, set the work aside. A week later pick it up again. Edit. When you think you’re ready to submit, read the work out loud without inflection, and correct.

What do you know now about writing and publishing you wish you had learned sooner?
My first publishing experience was with what I thought was a partner publishing company. In reality, they were a vanity press, I highly recommend you research every publisher before you commit. After pulling my first two books from them, I self-published the books and discovered the joy of that option. I recommend it to those who want to be in control and know what’s going on.

I’m blessed to say I am now a Pen It Publications, LLC author. I chose this publisher because they and I are believers. If you want your work to be traditionally published, find a publisher who values what you do, is easy to communicate with, and whose authors say wonderful things about them.

Any last words or tips?
Yes, as my writer husband says, “Writers write. They write every day. Good writing requires more time rewriting than the original draft took.”

That’s all for today’s interview. Here are some links to connect you to Paula’s writing.
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