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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Yes, You Can - Writing Challenge Day 3

I am using this book to help me focus. I get so excited about writing that I jump from one idea to another. Then I don't know which to work on. This dovetails somewhat into the idea that Nancy suggests in her book. This is to turn your weaknesses into strengths. But how do you turn a weakness of jumping about from one story idea to another into a strength? That she doesn't address.

So I will focus on what she does suggest. As an example, if you love to read books then use that love of reading to see if you can do a book review. That sounds doable to me. As I read lots of children's books I could see about doing a book review column. I have sent out queries to 6 ezines with that suggestion. Next I will try some local sources. What I am learning here is that writing entails research for not only your ideas but new sources where they can be placed. It is getting me to think outside the box as to other ways of writing.

The Benefits...This is getting me to focus on writing the dreaded "query" email. I re-wrote it three times from the first email to the sixth one. I also discovered there are a lot of ezines out there that already have book reviews, but that isn't stopping me. Even if I don't get a column I can still write reviews on Amazon and other sources. This will continue to hone my writing skills.

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