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Friday, September 24, 2010

Yes, You Can - Writing Challenge Day 4

On to the new writing challenge of the day...It is all about building writing credits. Nancy suggests that if you are constantly calling up people to chat, you may want to try to do interviews and write them up. You might then be able to sell the story to a local newspaper or magazine as a regional interest story.

Back in the 90's I worked on a cable TV show at our local college where I occasionally did on air interviews. I wasn't the one doing all the talking. I was there to prompt the guests about their area of expertise. I had to do minimal research on the guests as their info was provided. I just had to keep them talking.

I'm a bit rusty on interview style and technique, but there is someone I would like to interview locally. The son of a past client of mine is a reptile wrangler. He's one of those people who's names you see in the end credits in movies and wonder what the heck does that person do. I thought this would be a good source for an interview. I tracked down his phone number and gave him a call. He was in the car at the time and couldn't talk so he suggested I call him later. I did but that time the call just went to his voice mail.

I am learning that setting up an interview takes time and some patience. I will try him again tomorrow. I am not sure what questions to ask. I am not sure what reptiles he is currently working with - snakes, lizards, insects? I will probably start with an exploratory interview and then work up details for a second interview once I have done some research.

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