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Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Yes, You Can - Writing Challenge Day 6

I have my story idea for the reptiles, now I have to figure out where to send it. I went to Amazon to find a list of children's magazines. This was very helpful. On the Amazon listing, it shows the target audience for the magazine and what it covers in the publication. Their list includes only ten or so options.

Now I need to go back online to find the writer's guidelines. I am amazed at how many publishers hide their guidelines. If you type in a search option on their site with "submissions" or "writer's guidelines" it comes up with nothing. However, if you click on the "contact us" it will then show you the writer's guidelines that didn't come up on their internal search engine or site map. With one major publication I couldn't find their details anywhere on their site. Then I did a google search with the magazine name and writer's guidelines and found it.

I also did some research at my library and the local Barnes & Noble to see what publications they stock. I found some wonderful choices and my two favorite for the best fit were Ranger Rick and National Geographic for Kids. I googled them and found that Ranger Rick is not even accepting queries and I could not find any info on submissions at all for Nat Geo. If it is that hard to find guidelines, I would think they really don't want any freelance work.

It looks like I have about four options. Now I need to review their publications to see what their style is. I picked up several magazines at the library and will start reading them. Some of these magazines set out a theme a year in advance for what each issue will cover. As a result, I had to check one publication off my list as they aren't dealing with reptiles in 2011.

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