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Friday, October 15, 2010

Yes, You Can - Writing Challenge Day 15

More info on building your library...
As a writer I love books. I am not one though that wants to keep them. That is why I love our local library's used book store. Whenever I go to the library, I always stop in to see what's new. I look for books that are like new to give to friends when they need a lift. It's amazing how you can find funny, inspirational books that look like they've been barely opened. I guess the past owner had such a wonderful life, they didn't need any inspiration.

I just purchased an anthology of inspirational stories that I read from daily. I even have one sent to me each day online. I love inspirational reading so much I am trying my hand at it. I have several ideas in the "post it" stage right now. If I had the time and energy, I think I could write 24 hours a day just to keep up with my ideas. I want to write so much I have to pace myself so I don't burn out.

In Nancy's book, she also suggests buying books from your library, thrift stores, and another source known as That was a new one to me. I would also like to suggest I've been buying books there prior to them being affiliated with ebay. Of course, if you have the big bucks just go to your local book store where you will still be able to find some discounts. The major book chains also have book clubs with discounts for frequent shoppers.

Why the need to buy so many books? It's a way to invest in your future. To give you the tools you need to know more so you can write more.

My writing updates...This week I sent out 4 submissions. I know one for sure will be accepted, as I was asked by a business associate to write it. Not counting that one, I now have 11 stories out in submission. As many editors now longer respond even with SASE's, I am not sure how long I should count them as "active" submissions. My goal now is at least 3 submissions or queries per week.

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