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Monday, October 18, 2010

Yes, You Can - Writing Challenge Day 16

This book is not meant to be read through in a one shot reading. The reader needs to take the suggestions and put them into action. That is why I am only writing updates at a max of five posts each week. I am putting her plan into action and this takes time. She doesn't want to give the impression, nor do I, that once you read the book you will be a writing success. It is an ongoing step by step process.

I was reminded about the slow process of making a living wage in writing as I re-read a story by one of my favorite writers this weekend. She now has numerous best sellers to her name, but getting her first book accepted took 5 years. She was tempted several times in those years to give it up and concentrate on a salaried job, but she persevered because being a published writer was a commitment she made to herself and her family.

Am I ready to commit to 5 years without getting the results I want? That is a hard question. I want to be a successful, published writer as much as I have ever wanted anything in my life. If you feel that passion as well, then you need to have a support group around you. Nancy's book talks about the importance of being a part of a critique group. Members can encourage you to keep trying when you get frustrated, improve your writing by reviews, and give you leads for submissions.

I currently am a member of a local group that meets monthly and I interact with two online groups. My local group meeting includes a talk by a published author, segments about writing news and resources, a writing prompt, and a time to review manuscripts by other members. Some critique groups just meet to review manuscripts, I am blessed that we have a more detailed format.

I always learn something new in these meetings. I am also encouraged in knowing that others are having similar frustrations. We take the time in each meeting to announce where we've been rejected by a publisher. We applaud each other for making the attempt and are reminded that this rejection is just bringing us closer to an acceptance.

My writing goal for today was to write a press release for a recent acceptance. It's been awhile since I've written one, so I did a bit of research to improve my style and get a better impact. The research opened my eyes as to what a press release really is - an open ended query letter to the public. It is a way to get them to know me better and want to read my work. So now I am applying the 24 hour rule. I am letting it sit for a day. I will review it tomorrow and if I feel it has the necessary sizzle I will send it out for release.

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