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Monday, November 8, 2010

Yes, You Can - Writing Challenge Day 23

Been busy doing research and rewrites so I haven't been back to my blog for about 2 weeks. Surprised it's been that long! In that time I have received two new rejections of stories and one acceptance for a poem. One of my writer friends suggested I try writing haiku poems. At that point all I knew about haiku was that it was a short form of poetry. So I did some research into the publication and studied past accepted submissions. Then as suggested, I sent in 5 poems. Within a week, they returned my email and accepted one of my five. That gave me the option of sending in 5 more poems which I did today.

I am wondering if a slow response usually returns a rejection? Or did I just get a quick response on my acceptance as this is the way this particular publication works? I will do some polling on other blogs to see if this is more the norm.

In regards to my two rejections, they both came with form letters stating that it didn't fit their editorial needs. Both came in after 2 months in submission. I still have a piece out from July where I sent a SASE. This was for a contest that ended in August. As it is well past the end date, I know my story wasn't accepted. I still would like to get the letter confirming at least that they received it.

Other than that every other story I have written since July has been with an email submission. Only a couple of those have auto email responses to show that they have received my post. So it is no better than sending by snail mail. However, since I am now sending by email that is saving me about $2 for each submission. So if I send in 4 email submissions per week, it's like I made a little over $400 in my writing! Not bad! That logic is from a wonderful movie from 1948 which was entitled, I Remember Mama. It's a wonderful account of growing up that I highly recommend. The mother's logic is similar to Gracie Burns.

Back to my writing...Here's a breakdown of what I have worked on in the first two weeks of the month - 8 submissions sent of which 3 were for writing contests. This fits in with my current goals from reading Nancy's book. I would like to notch it up to 5 submissions per week. If it is like sales where you can make one sale in ten when you start, I've got a lot of work to do to make this a paying career.

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