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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Inspriration for Writing

I am going to be adding a new feature to my blog of author interviews. I hope this will give a bit of inspiration and encouragement to writers who may just be wondering if all the energy put into writing is worth the time. I'll be asking each author questions about what has worked for them and what suggestions they have for other writers. I will try to add at least one interview per week.

For now, here's a great quote from Elizabeth Creith, "If you don't produce it, you can't sell it." It's simple and to the point. So many would be writers think about writing but don't put pen to paper or fingers to keyboard. You need to write daily or weekly and produce something. This will help your writing improve and give you will have a pool of stories or articles that you will have handy to rework when you find a call for submissions that has a short deadline.

For the rest of article by Elizabeth Creith called "Three Ps for Selling Short Fiction" click here and start reading. I know you will find it informative.

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