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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Interview with Sherry Rossman, author of The Miracle of Rain

Today’s interview is with Sherry Rossman, who is a newly published author. She is a lover of the outdoors and their many critters which have been part of the inspiration for her new children’s picture book. She loves inside critters as well, especially her cat, Molly, who is also an inspiring creature.

How did you come up with the idea of your book, The Miracle of Rain?

This book deals with a little girl’s fear of thunderstorms. She is afraid of the noise, the lightning, etc. When I was a little girl I had these fears. I grew up in flash flood area where the (dirt) road would sometimes wash away to a little sliver. My mom would tell me how the rain would bring water for the animals to drink and the other benefits brought by storms. So I wove all of those things into a story in the hope that it would help other children see beyond their fears.

Could you give me a short synopsis on the story?
The Miracle of Rain is about Nora, a young girl and her cat, Molly. Both fear thunderstorms and get caught in a huge storm one day. A fuzzy raccoon named Smickett rescues then and takes them to his secret animal village where he shows them the blessings that come from these thunderstorms.

How many publishers did you contact before one accepted your book? I contacted two other publishers before finding Tate Publishing.

That’s only three publishers, how did you narrow it down to sending to those specific companies?
I do not have an agent so finding a publisher who accepted an unsolicited manuscript was a challenge. I focused on publishers who would work with new authors and welcome faith-based children's books. Tate publishing was by far the most welcoming and encouraging to someone who had never taken "the plunge" before.

Prior to getting this book published what other writing credits or background did you have that would encourage a publisher to take a chance on this book?

The Miracle of Rain is absolutely my first published work.

What would you say is one of the best tips you've learned in the process of getting published?
I've gained in so many ways from the tips that Tate has offered, but probably the best was to get involved in networking. In this I am gaining an audience, plus making connections with other authors

Once you sent your manuscript to Tate how long did it take to get a response?
I heard from the publisher three months after I sent in my manuscript.

What was the total time frame from the point of submission of the original manuscript to the actual printing of the book?
It took about one year.

What type of publicity does your publisher do to promote your book?
Tate Publishing will send out press releases, set up book signings, use book trailers to be used in various ways (T.V. spots, online videos, etc). They make available bookmarks, posters, business cards, they also have a facebook page where they provide daily tips for writers which has been very helpful.

What do you do to promote your book?
Networking! Very important. Shortly before my book was printed I had a baby, so that slowed things down for me a bit. I wasn't able to do the events I would have liked but now that will pick up for me soon.

What is the biggest surprise to you about getting published?
I wish I had known about the work that comes AFTER you complete the book.

What advice would you give other aspiring writers?
Perseverance is key. If you strongly believe in your book, don't give up. Have faith.

Thank you, Sherry for your time. If you would like to know more about Sherry and her writing, you can view her website at

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