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Friday, January 14, 2011

Planning Your Writing Day

I am not the best person for writing a daily schedule of things to do and prioritizing them. For years my husband has been nudging me to do it with only intermittent results. I'm one of those who like to work it out in my head and just let it flow. That works well at times when I have a lull of deadlines to meet. It is easy for me to get pulled into a project and disregard everything else in my life including meals. It's only when my office starts getting dark that I realize I've been on the computer all day. If it wasn't for the fact that I have a window besides my computer that makes it unnecessary to use lights, I would some days loose all track of time.

Now as I get more involved in writing and juggling various projects I can feel the real need for a written to do list. This includes keeping a running list of submission deadlines and contests, writing for personal fulfillment, reading in my genre as well as outside of it for fun and a different illumination. However, I've found some items not related to writing that are needed on my list to improve my day. Here's two items that I have just put back on the must do's that I am finding really make a difference for me in keeping me focused.

The first activity that makes a difference in my day is an early morning inspirational reading. This allows me to center and focus. It gives me a chance to breathe and appreciate the glory of being alive. When I just jump on the computer before anything else, I tend to have a day that is hit or miss. When I start the day with focus, it tends to last throughout the day and I get less stressed.

The second activity is to go to the gym to use the treadmill or elliptical. This gives me the opportunity to do exercise, which I am not in love with doing, with reading. I use this time to either read a book or magazine on writing or escapist reading. This gives both my mind and body exercise. By doing the reading, I am doing something I want to do with something I need to do and wish I didn't.

As I also love being encouraged as a writer, I read other blogs from those in the trenches with me. One of my favorites is written by Hope Clark. In her current blog she chats about the myth of being an overnight success. Being successful in writing is just like any other career, it takes a lot of effort. Sometimes, I forget that and want instant results. So click here for her advice. The article is entitled, Don't be Fooled.

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