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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Writing Resolutions for the New Year

It's amazing that the turn of a calendar day can give you a feeling of renewal. At least it does for me when January 1 rolls around. I feel like I have new opportunities to grow and learn. Like many of you, my past year was like a roller coaster ride with deep plunges (in income) and a lot of jostling (rejections slips or deadlines for response passing with no results). Now that ride is over and I'm ready for a new one. I'm hopeful for good results and upward swings this year. I am rededicating myself to my writing career and finding new ways to hone my skills.

I ran into a wonderful web blog that asks the question...What Will You Do in 2011 To Help Your Writing? This opened my mind to thinking about how I can be proactive in improving my writing. If you would like to read the full article, click here. Here's just a couple of the questions he suggests to get a writer moving forward...Will you submit a query to an editor? When will you do this?
I know many writers are hesitant about doing this because they don't want to be rejected; but inaction won't get you published! So take a risk, write, rewrite and send out!

One of my favorite rejection stories about either O'Henry or Saroyan is that they sent out many stories to a series of publications only to have all of them rejected. Then another year past and they were sent to the same publications. This time many were accepted. The previous editors who had reviewed the stories had either left the publication or another editor read it. So when I get a rejection or no response, I've just got to remember that maybe I haven't found the right editor for me yet. So I say write on!

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