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Monday, May 30, 2011

A Fresh Look

I had a yard sale this weekend. It had been a few years since my last one so I had forgotten all the work it takes to set it up, man it and get the money, and then to tear down. In the re-pack I had a total of 16 boxes which I was able to get a Salvation Army truck to pick up the same afternoon.

When all this was down, both my husband and I were exhausted. But we felt good despite the aches from lugging stuff. We had started to de-clutter the house. It is nice to go through the house and find space in cabinets and in the garage. It's amazing how you can get bogged down with unecessary stuff.

I am far from a pack rat but I finally let go of things I've had since I was a kid and clothes that I haven't worn for years. I'm glad the S.A. truck picked them up so quickly before I started to reconsider and pull them back in the house. We did this because we are tentatively planning a move. We will be paying for our own moving costs so the less the better.

I've also always believed in the concept that when you let go of your possessions you give yourself room to be open to new and better things. It's a way to let go and let God take control.

So how does this relate to writing? First off when you start fresh you can open your writer's mind to any new writing story that pops in your brain and then just run with it until you've said what you've needed. Secondly, it is my way of letting you know what our blog chain -- as listed on the right -- will be about for June. The topic is "fresh air." Having a yard sale is one way to let in some fresh air in your life as you let go. Follow the other blogs for their suggestion for fresh air. Then think up some of your own ways to experience some fresh air in your life.


  1. Hooray for June, garage sales, and fresh air! Starting fresh is always a good idea

  2. Yes, I definitely like the fresh air & fresh space. Now what will I say at the end of June for my blog post?