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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Coming to a New Home

Lately I've been on an emotional roller coaster due to lack of sleep and the stress of moving (thus the sleeplessness). Each time I fill a box and seal it there still seems to be just as many more boxes to do. It's like trying to dig a hole in soft sand where it continues to refill itself. But I know it will soon be complete as the moving van comes on Tuesday morning and my packing time will be up.

I've lived in this town for 25 years and we've had one big going away party and two smaller ones. It's bittersweet saying goodbye to good friends. I know I can still keep in touch via email - which is what most of our relationships have been like lately. Everyone is always so busy and email is sometimes the only way we stay connected even when we live just a short distance apart.

I hope to change that when I make new friends in my new state. We're moving from California to Texas from a town of 210,000 to one that is 18,000. Big difference. I've only seen my new home briefly in pictures on the internet. It was pulled off the internet once we signed the lease and my husband didn't take pictures while he was there. So now I ponder what I will find in the home's layout and making the big decision as to where to put all our stuff.

As to coming to the new home I'm both anxious and excited but mostly tired and wondering when I will be able to relax again. Packing has been a full time job for me the last month amongst my other work and chores. Once in the new home there will be unpacking and studying.I've been taking online classes and will continue to do so once we arrive so I can complete my training for a new career. As tired as I am doing this extra work for just one month, I wonder how others hold down two jobs. You've got to start feeling like a walking zombie.

It's said home is where the heart is and as long as I'm with my husband I know I can survive and thrive. In my new community I will also draw from a new group of friends and a new supportive church home.

I may have thought this would have been the community where I would live through retirement and use as a launching pad for extensive travel but my destiny changed. It's all part of God's purpose and His plan. Through all my ups and downs He has been with me and will continue to be.

What has been a great help for me through the turmoil of this year is a song called "Blessings" which has great lyrics and here's the link for the actual song. But for now I will end with a few of the lyrics...

What if Your blessings come through raindrops
What if Your healing comes through tears?
And what if a thousand sleepless nights
Are what it takes to know You're near?
And what if trials of this life
Are Your mercies in disguise?

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  1. I know the feeling. That's why I like to stay in one spot as long as I can. I hate moving, trying to make sure everything I need is still with me, trying to find a new place for my stuff. Things I wanted to keep managed to get lost in the middle of my moves.

    Hope you and your family enjoy your new place.

    ~ VT

  2. you'll be in and settled quick as a flash, well nearly.
    blessings on you and your new home


    biiig hug


  3. Your post really struck a chord with me, Chris. I've moved many times in my life, (16 times since being married) and mostly quite some distance. Moving can be exhilarating as you look forward to new people, new sights, new friends - basically a new start - but it is also extremely exhausting, as you mentioned.
    In the end, I have found that moving isn't so bad since my best friend always moves with me (my husband) and I have an almost instant group of friends/ support system within the body of Christ. I've often wondered how people who do not have this manage. It's just one of the wonderful things about being a Christian. whether you move around th block or around the world, you can always find like minded people to fellowship with and who will embrace you.

  4. Wow! Big changes. Great words to hold onto in song throughout this transition. I love Laura Story's song -- music, lyrics, all of it! Lifting you up as you finish packing, head east and begin unpacking in your still unseen new home. May God hold you close and breathe His perfect peace into each moment and every mile of this adventure.

  5. You're in my prayers for a safe and trouble-free move, Chris, and a fruitful life in your new home. I love that song too; it's a great blessing to me when the everyday trials of life start wearing on me.


  6. Chris,
    What an adventure--moving to a new house you know little about. Like the story of Abraham who moved from family in obedience to God. The words of the song you shared made me cry. Thanks! :)