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Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Time to Harvest

The theme for this month's blog chain (read the others in the chain as noted to the right)is harvest which is why I have included this picture depicting the crisp bright colors of the harvest season - the deep reds, the lush orange and yellow and just the hint of brown. It's a time to celebrate the bounty of growing season. In the new area where I live every weekend in October seems to have one group or another who is celebrating with a harvest festival.

According to Wikipedia, harvest is the process of gathering mature crops from the fields. Reaping is the cutting of grain or pulse for harvest, typically using a scythe, sickle, or reaper. Harvest thus marks the end of the growing season and growth cycle. Then there is another harvest symbol known as the grim reaper who bears a scythe. His part of a harvest of sorts is cutting down those at the end of their life cycle.

As the words in the old tune by The Byrds (taken from Bible verses)there is a time for every purpose...a time to live and a time to die. Most people when attending the end of life cycle event(IE funeral) are sober and full of sadness. But that is not the way a death is celebrated with a New Orleans funeral march. It does start with the funeral dirge going to the cemetery but once it is done they finish with joyous music -- the most notable tune "When the Saints Come Marching In." These funerals show the sadness of the loss of the physical presence of the the loved one, but they also go on to celebrate the joy that the loved one is now experiencing in being in heaven.

I went to a funeral of a dear aunt of mine when I was six years old. She was a Christian as was my whole family at the time. I remember everyone crying and saying how sad it was that she had died. That perplexed me and I asked why everyone was so sad if they believed that she was now in heaven with Jesus. That sounded perfectly wonderful to me.

Of course now I understand the more personal aspect of missing the person who you will not be seeing any more this side of heaven. Today I am more grieved when I hear of a funeral of someone who is not a Christian believer. There are many religions in the world who give you a road map to your final harvest reaping that is based on your good works balancing out your bad ones. But how good do you have to be to tip the scales?

Christianity is the only religion that isn't based on achieving nirvana by checking off a list of appropriate deeds or actions. It all boils down to just one belief which is accepting Christ as your personal Savior and loving others as He loved us. It's not an exclusive club, the thief on the cross who died with Jesus that day gained paradise or heaven. Ordinary fisherman, tax collectors, world leaders and those who once persecuted Christians have turned to accept Christ and His offer of salvation.

Everyone will have a final harvest in their life. When your harvest is done how will you be celebrating? Will there be tears or joy? We each make our own choice. What will be the dawn for your eternity. I've made my choice. What will yours be?


  1. I choose Christ

    good post
    thanks Chris
    biiiig hug

  2. Good post, Christine. Ironically, we were talking about what Heaven would be like in Sunday School today, and how we can get there. In every other religion, we must guess whether we'll go or not. In Christianity, once we believe in Jesus, we're in. No way can we earn our way, because it's not about what we do.

    ~ VT

  3. I remember that song by the Byrds (I was a kid and my older sister had the album ...) and the familiar passage is still one of my favorites in the Bible. It is so true that there really is a time for everything. It's up to up to wait on that timing and not rush things ...

  4. Your blog reminded me of a funeral for an uncle of mine. We were sitting around in the funeral home talking quietly when these guys come walking in with banjos and fiddles. Apparently his wish was to have a bluegrass grass band play at his wake and funeral to remind everyone that we should be celebrating his passage into his new life in heaven. Best funeral ever.

  5. Good post...and it is amazing how having everything works-based in a religion can lead to so much "afterlife ambiguity" and uncertainty.

  6. Great post, Chris. The last three funerals I've attended were for aunts who all professed Jesus as their Lord before passing on, so those services, while sad, were also occasions for hope and joyful remembrance. I'm glad to know that when I go, those who know Christ will be assured of my destination, and those who don't will be given a road map at my homegoing service.
    -Traci B

  7. My dawn will be bright -- forever Light in the Presence of a Holy God. Enjoyed your post, Chris. Blessings!

  8. SO glad to read your post! I'd hate to imagine an after-life if it hinged on good, would I be in trouble!