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Saturday, November 5, 2011

And The Award Goes To...

One of my favorite fellow bloggers recently presented me with the "One Lovely Blog Award."

The requirements of receiving this award are:

1. To thank the giver and link back to her site. I did that personally, but here it is again: THANK YOU, Carol! Here's the link to her blog:

2. Provide 5 random facts that folks may not know about you.

3. Pass this award on to 5 other lovely blog sites. Let them know you're awarding them. Link to their sites.

4. Copy the award logo and paste it onto your own site.

Here are those 5 random facts:

1. As a child I could eat the same sandwich day in and out for 30 days or more. One of my favorites was just bread and butter. Now I can go just two days without getting bored with the same food.

2. I've been to a private reception at the White House and still have the invitation to prove it though I considered trying to sell it on ebay (It was just me and a mere 400 others sipping cocktails)

3. I love to read but I don't hold on to books. There's only one that I have kept since I was a child. It was the book of poems by R.S.L. that were read to my mother as a child and then to me by my mom.

4. While vacationing in the Bahamas I ran into a friend who I played softball with during 6th grade summer. At the time it was 15 years later and 1100 miles away from my home town. I also ran into old friends while I was vacationing 500 miles from home and 200 miles from home proving that it is a small world indeed!

5. I love cruising! One time while I was on a cruise vacation I entered a contest for a free vacation to that port. My husband thought it was a waste of time filling out the form but he changed his thoughts on the subject when we arrived home and found a package showing we had won the trip -- yes, it was legitimate and not a scam.

Here are the five wonderful,lovely and unique sites (awarded in no particular order):


  1. Thanks so much, Chris, for this lovely award! You made my day! I will try to reciprocate next week sometime.

    I have a funny story to tell about running into someone you know miles away. It's not about me but my dad. One day he was on the road traveling somewhere. A cop turned on his lights. My dad and another man stopped off at the side of the road because they both thought he was after them. After stopping and seeing the other driver, my dad discovered it was my great uncle who was the other man!! And my dad and uncled lived 3 hours away from each other and how the heck they both ended up on the same road, on the same day, and getting stopped by that cop... is definitely a mystery and a really weird coincidence, dont ya think!!

  2. Thanks Chris! Interesting that you don't keep your books. I go through phases where I want to keep every single one, and then my bookshelves are way too full and I get rid of them as fast as I can. But I definitely always have too many. :)

    Jane from Winning Readings

  3. I don't like to keep books because I don't like clutter. I like more open spaces in rooms. Other than business and writing books I have only one bookcase for personal reading and half of that is filled with DVD's.

  4. Chris,

    Again, thanks for the award, I finally posted it today.