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Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Can You Do 30 Meaningful Blog Posts a Month?

That is the question I hope to answer in the affirmative as I begin the 30 day challenge with NaBloPoMo and post daily. I heard about this writing challenge through another writer who is part of the CW blog chain that I participate in monthly. I will be discussing that monthly blog challenge tomorrow as I start rolling out my new changes in pictures for the month. I don't want my readers to be seeing the same photos day in and out.

If you'd like to be a part of this challenge as well, then you need to do it quickly as the deadline for the blogroll is the 5th. Here's the info if you would like to learn more and participate as either a reader or writer...

The beauty of being a part of this blogroll is that you can either create your own daily topics or use one of their daily prompts. Today's topic is what you would request for a last meal. As it wasn't a topic that really interested me except in watching it on TV (The Cooking Channel did a over the top gourmand's view of the topic that I couldn't even try to improve with my own culinary tastes), I chose to use this day to invite you to join me in the blogging instead.

Hope you'll continue to drop by to cheer me on the for month. I know I will be doing the same for others. So until tomorrow...keep on writing and exploring the swirls of your imagination.


  1. Good luck Chris! I'm doing the NaNo novel challenge, so my blog posts are getting shorter! (I'm still trying to keep up, though)

  2. Good luck to you too. You've got lots more words to write than me daily!