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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

In Support of Christmas Newsletters

It's that time of year when Christmas cards and their newsletters arrive telling you the exploits and achievements of the kids and adults throughout the year from friends and family that you don't keep up with on a regular basis. Some may think this is boring or at best just a bit of vanity on the part of the sender; but not me. I have been known to read them over and over.

I actually look forward to these letters even if I have kept up with the letter writers throughout the year. To me it shows a sense of continuity of our friendship and our lives. These days it's hard to remember when something happened.Was it just this year or a couple of years ago? I can't believe Thanksgiving was less than 2 weeks ago! With all that I've been working on it seems much longer.

This year more than ever I need that sense of continuity. Having just recently moved across country to a new home, I want to still feel connected to those who are no longer physically closer. I want to be reminded of what they did during this year even if I was there. I guess I still want to know that I still matter enough for them to want me to be informed.

I will also be sending out a newsletter of our happenings this year. My last newsletter in December had no inkling of a long distance move. I want my friends and relatives to have my new address and invitation to come visit if they are out this way. I will probably do a mix of both snail mail letters and email letters where I can also include a bunch of photos. I love sending e-cards as I get notice when someone picks them up. However, it is also disappointing when they aren't picked up. I know part of the reasoning why e-cards aren't opened is that people are afraid of opening emails from 3rd parties (card vendors) for fear of viruses. Still I keep sending those cards because they are so cute (and also inexpensive).

If you are thinking you may want to forgo the newsletter this year, think again. You may be surprised that your friends will miss it. A couple years ago I asked one of my friends to restart their newsletter again as it was so well written and funny. I liked it enough to even share their exploits with other friends who didn't even know them.



  1. I have never sent a holiday newsletter- but I do send cards. I like to receive mail at anytime. Some newsletters I enjoy- but some are too much. Although, I guess I enjoy those in some way, too. :) I do love to see the pictures and catch up. Good luck with your letter!


  2. If you don't send a newsletter at least try to write a paragraph or two in the card to make it more personable.