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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Interview with children's picture book author, Jenny Sulpizio

If you've recently had a child or know someone who has you will probably want to learn more about the books by this author, so take a moment to relax and review our interview.

You now have two children’s books in print –one for girls and the second book for boys. What motivated you to put your thoughts of having these children in book form? What do you hope that the reader will take away from reading your books?
As soon as my first child was born (my daughter), I took the time to sit down and express exactly how I was feeling. All of the emotions that well up as a parent, the hopes and the dreams you have for that tiny child of yours-I wanted to create a keepsake that my daughter (followed later by my two sons), could read. Later on as adults  they could reflect on it, and even share it with their own children, grandchildren and so forth. I also wanted these books to become keepsakes for other parents so that they too could relate to the message, cherish the reading time with their children, and eventually pass on to them once they have grown.

Have you always wanted to write? What is your writing background prior to these books?
I've always loved tapping into my imagination and creatively expressing my thoughts on paper. It's an outlet if you will and a process I thoroughly enjoy. Prior to these two books, I had no publishing credits to speak of.

How many different publishers did you contact before going with your publisher? What did you like about them? How much input did you have with the artwork design?
I literally wrote "Mommy Whispers" seven years before it was published. I had tried traditional means of publication and wasn't very successful in my attempts. It was at that point that I "shelved" my work and all ideas of publishing...that was until I sought out the advice of a good friend (and published author) who referred me to Ajoyin, a vanity publisher. I had full and total control over the artwork and the emotion I wanted to evoke through each illustration.

What has surprised you the most in getting the first book published? What has been the best way you’ve found to promote your book?
The amount of work involved as far as marketing these books has been the biggest surprise. I have found that the best way to promote is by reaching out to other authors, guest blogging, and word-of-mouth.

What are some of the best writing tips you’ve learned that you would like to share with others?
Don't. Ever. Give. Up! 
How do you find time to write with taking care of 3 children?
I do most of my writing when my kids are fast asleep.

In your bio it says you are currently represented by The Seymour Agency but not for your children’s writing. How did that come about?
I write for varying genres and am represented by The Seymour Agency for my Women's Christian Non-fiction works. I am currently querying and submitting for my children's picture book manuscripts in the hopes of securing and agent for those as well.

Which style of writing suits you more – children’s books or your inspirational writing?
I love them both. I try to incorporate faith-based principles into all of my works. They are the foundation.

Any other books in the works that we should know about?   
There's always something brewing in my brain...I've got lots of ideas just waiting to hit the paper!

If you would like to learn more about Jenny and her writing, here is a link to her website…  


  1. Thanks for sharing the wonderful interview ladies. Love the idea of a turning your keepsake for your children into a book.

    1. Thanks for the kind words. If you have suggestions for other author interviews let me know.