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Sunday, January 1, 2012

What are Your Writing Resolutions for 2012?

Once again it's the start of a new year, a time for a fresh start. For me a new beginning started in October when I moved to Texas. The last 3 months have been a time for getting settled and finding my way around the surrounding cities. Now in January I will be starting a new career. Although I've had lots of experience doing this work in another state I am willing to be a sponge now and take in everything I can learn to be the best in my job and earn a progressive income.

I will also have a new start for my writing. I will be attending my first meetings this month of two writers critique groups in the area. I've missed not having the friendship and encouragement of my past writer's group where I lived. If you are a writer and aren't participating in a local group you are missing a great opportunity to learn and grow. Writers' critique groups are easy to find. You just do an internet search like "writers' group near city, state" filling in your locality. That's how I found 5 different writers' groups in my area and narrowed it down to two that should fit my writing style. They are both within a 30 minute drive of where I live so it will be easy to get there.

My writing goals for this year are to first revive my novel which I started over a decade ago. I had about 200 pages then, but can only seem to find maybe 100 now.  I dropped it  because I got frustrated that a humorous book I completed wasn't picked up by a publishing house after sending it out to 30+ targeted companies. Looking at the humor book now, I can see it needs some work - especially my "artwork." I will probably work on it some more but that is not my writing priority.

I also plan to work more on my children's writing and finding homes for my picture book stories. I will also work on my devotional/inspirational pieces which for now I am happy to send out and get published in anthologies, but would someday like to put my own book together. With all the interviews I've been doing with indie-published authors, I am also considering going that route myself once I can figure out if it would be cost effective to me.

What are your writing goals for this new year. Can you make a weekly or even daily commitment to write? What encouragement do you have for other writers to keep on writing?

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