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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Taking a Stand for Liberty

I've never used this blog before for a movie review but last night I saw a movie that I think is important to talk about. Our local radio station did an advance "free" screening for the movie and I got tickets for myself and my husband. I tried to encourage a few of our friends to go but even the concept of "free" tickets didn't even persuade them as they had not heard about the movie. I had seen a short interview and a movie trailer which was enough for me.

Now after seeing the movie, I would like to recommend it to others. It reminds us how our soldiers are willing to fight for us to have our freedoms yet we don't take a stand for them. Some people think they can't do anything on their own or maybe they're afraid of offending someone.

It's time to remember what our founding fathers were willing to risk - their lives for our freedoms that are expressed in the Bill of Rights. Each individual can make a difference and together we can stand for liberty.

Attached is a link to see the trailer... I encourage you to see this movie and tell others to see it as well.

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