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Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Getting to the Heart of Christmas: Author Interview with Renee Robinson

What inspired you to write this book on Christmas?
Traditions have always been important to me as I see how they bond a family together and strengthen the family unit.  Christmas provides a unique opportunity to create memories that will last a lifetime.  
When my 3 boys were very small, I began searching for a book that would help our family to create traditions that would somehow tie into the true meaning of Christmas.  I was looking for a few key things:
  1. Something they wouldn’t outgrow within a few years and could grow with us.
  2. Something that was manageable for a busy family
  3. Something that wouldn’t add to the stress of the already busy season
  4. Something that used hands on elements or the power of the senses
  5. Something that really gave meaning to what we were doing
I was unable to find anything that fit what our family needed.  Our kids were too young for most devotions I found.  Other devotions they would outgrow within a few years. I began talking to other families and realized we all had the same needs and desires.  We wanted to be intentional, but we didn’t have the tools or the time to make it happen.  
The pull of commercialism and the pace of life were making it nearly impossible for families to connect with the hearts of their children and grandchildren the way they desired.  This is ultimately what led me to write Seeking Christmas.  I wanted to give families a way to slow down, focus, reach the hearts of their children, and bring the meaning to the center of the celebration.  
Could you give me a short synopsis for my readers?
Seeking Christmas is a 7 day Christmas devotion that guides families into creating memories and traditions using hands on activities that tie to the daily readings which center on the birth of Christ.  The activities use the power of the senses to create a more meaningful impact in storing away memories.  
Families will read selected scripture for the day, reflect on the reading using age appropriate questions, remember favorite memories while creating new ones, research legendary roots, and rejoice through fun, hands-on activities that will tie into the daily readings.  
Readers are invited to download the free ornaments that tie to the daily readings at  In addition, readers are encouraged to create a journal to record the activities and memories in order to reflect back each year.
What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?
My favorite Christmas tradition was having my dad read Twas the Night Before Christmas each Christmas Eve.  It was something my sisters and I always loved and he carries the tradition on with his grandchildren.  He always calls and reads to them on the phone before they are tucked into bed Christmas Eve.  My boys love it as much as I did.  
You also have a blog. How long have you been doing that? 
I began blogging about 6 years ago about my family and the things that were important to us.  Over time I transitioned as I became more passionate about the family and sharing my journey of faith with others.  I blog in order to encourage and inspire others in their journey of faith and life.  
I know other moms have turned their blog content into books. Is this something you see for you in the future?
I do plan to write additional books in the future.  Blogging helps me to discover what I love to write about and explore what topics others find important or interesting. 
Do you have any other books in process now? If so can you give me some details?
I have a couple of book ideas in the works but haven’t officially decided what I will write on next.  
If you would like to know more about Renee and her writing, here are her links. You can also purchase her book through Amazon and B&N as well as many independent bookstores.  
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