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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

My Journey as a Writer from Nonfiction to Fiction by Guest Blogger Karen Van Den Heuvel

Today I'm turning my blog over to Karen Van Den Heuvel who is a wonderful speaker and author I met at a recent writers conference. Besides writing, Karen's diverse experiences include working as an attorney, certified civil mediator, registered dietitian and teacher. Take it away, Karen.

All my life I’ve heard people say, “Some day, I’m going to write that novel.” I was one of those people. However, as an attorney and registered dietitian, my writing was always nonfiction. I have more than 80 articles published (mostly ghost written for others) and one nonfiction book, but my inward passion has always been about the “story.” This seed of desire started as a child.

The Seed is Planted.
From the time I could read and write, it was all about the story. To say I was a late bloomer would be an understatement. In the ninth grade, I looked like a seven year old — a mere 4’9’’ weighing only 60 pounds. Needless to say, I was severely introverted. My time was spent either reading mysteries or playing basketball with my cousins and their friends. I learned perseverance at a very young age. The seed was planted — some day, I would write stories.

The Inspiration for Hidden Bloodlines.
A common question is, “What was your inspiration for Hidden Bloodlines?” There were actually two unrelated experiences that planted the seed for this book. The first involved a weekend stay at the Stanley Hotel to celebrate my wedding anniversary. This historic hotel in Estes Park, Colorado is featured as one of the most haunted hotels in the country. Not unexpectedly, this experience was unique. It started with “ghost busters” at the registration desk. They were club members prepared with electronic devices designed to detect ghosts. The second involved my daughter’s high school romance. There was only one thing this young man’s mother wanted — for her son to become a priest. I asked, “What if?…”

The Decision is Made.
The art of writing nonfiction is different from that of writing fiction. I started to study my new craft. I read everything I could get my hands on and attended writers conferences. I joined a local writers group, began to hone this new craft, and started writing. 

When I start to write a new book, I research. My research includes not only the written word, but if possible, I like to visit either the place that inspired the setting, or the real place in the story. Even with fiction, it is imperative the facts are straight  to ensure it’s “real.”

A Brief Summary of my book, Hidden Bloodlines.
Gutsy Colorado attorney Victoria Bailey has just successfully prosecuted a serial killer…or has she? Betrayed by her college sweetheart, she’s vowed to remain single and dependent on no one but herself. All goes according to plan until her best friend’s wedding rehearsal. A missing groom, a murdered trial assistant, and an unexpected encounter with two men from her past bring her well-controlled life crashing down.

Highly decorated, retired Navy SEAL Christian Van der Kruis has seen much death and is ready to experience a new life. Now part of a global special ops organization, he attends a wedding, never expecting to be brought face-to-face with death and the only woman he ever loved … Victoria.

The book sounds intriguing, doesn't it? Here's some options for how you can purchase it...

Here's her website to keep up with her writing...

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