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My passion is writing. I'm constantly coming up with new ideas for short stories and books. I can easily write until the early hours of the morning as I get so involved in writing a story or designing a marketing piece. 

My short stories, poems, and inspirational pieces have been published in Pockets magazine, Ruminate Magazine, Chicken Soup for the Soul, 21 Days of Love, Life Lessons from Dads, The Secret Place Devotional Guide, Upper Room Devotional Guide and numerous anthologies about family life. 

My blog for writers and readers features weekly interviews with first-time authors to NY Times best-selling authors who discuss their upcoming books and tips on writing. You can read it at: Stop in and get to know some new authors. 

My Amazon Author page is:

I continue to be active with writing critique groups.  I am serious about my craft and continue to learn and improve through seminars and workshops. I enjoy being able to motivate others as well in reaching their goals in completing their manuscripts and moving to publication.