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Monday, September 3, 2012

Change - How Do You View It?

You're sitting at a red light waiting for it to turn green. Of course you could just put your foot on the gas and roar forward hoping to miss any cars that might be coming in the opposite direction. But most people would consider that foolhardy. And of course it's against the law. So we stay in place waiting the the change to come to us.

How do you handle change in your life. Do you wait complacently for a sign to show it is OK to move on to another level? Or do you analyze what is happening around you and then bring on change you can control?

Let's compare life to that stop light...

Folks who stay in the same jobs year in and out are like those waiting for the light to change. They will only move ahead if someone gives them the direction to go forward.  There is nothing wrong with that. They think it is best to play it safe and secure. But what happens if the light stops working? How do they then cope with a change that is thrust upon them?

Then there are those who see the other directional light turning red and are the first ones to get moving as soon as they see the change flash. These are people who see change all around them and anticipate it's occurrence and are ready to make a change when necessary. They are waiting for opportunities and seize them when they are available.

Lastly, there are those who want to avoid the stop light at all costs. They step on the gas when the yellow light flashes so they won't be stopped in their forward motion. And if they do come up to a red light they'll quickly make a right turn (legal in the U.S.) even if it is a slight detour. These are the entrepreneurs the ones who won't wait for something to happen. They are the driving force. Sometimes they may crash and burn in their plans, but they still get back in the car and move.

Now think of the light in terms of your writing.

Waiting at the red... Do you wait for offers to come your way and just dream about someday finishing that book but don't want to risk all the rejection?

Anticipating the green... Do you look for opportunities where you can submit your writing and move forward to that end?

Staying ahead of the yellow... Nothing is going to stop you from writing and sending out submissions. You constantly look around for opportunities to showcase your writing ability and if you have to make a slight detour by dealing with rejections it doesn't keep you down.

This is my delayed submission for my post for the monthly CW blog chain which is all about change. It should have been input the first of the month -- but I neglected to look at the CHANGE on my calendar! For others thoughts on change click on the links to the right.


  1. Good post, Chris. I like the analogy and can relate to its applications in both my writing and my life.

  2. Thanks, Chris. Good analogy and application - made me think.

  3. I'm looking forward to seeing how others will respond to the writing challenge of change.

  4. Oh, wonderful take on change, Chris! I think I'm a green that tends to slow down too much when she thinks yellow is imminent. I need to focus more on the green and then full speed ahead when it turns yellow. Uh, that's about writing, not driving, OK?

  5. Good post and fine start to September's CWBC subject of change. Thanks!

  6. Good analogy, Chris. Thanks so much for sharing this.

  7. Hi Chris. Great post and sorry it took me so long to comment. Actually, it motivated me to make some decisions in my life.

  8. Sorry for the delay, Chris. Trying to catch up. This is a great post on change. I love your take on it and tying it in to writing.