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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Roses are Red, Violets are Blue

Today I am channeling my inner child and I have written a poem to celebrate Valentine's Day. I don't claim to be a wonderful poet or even a fair one, this is done just in fun. 

As a child, gave valentines to all my class
Thinking I was such a lucky lass
When new cards came en masse

As a teen, gave cards now to just a few,
It was my way to say a thank you
For being a friend true blue

Things changed, just wanted to exchange, only one card
For the special one whom I held in love and high regard

Now the cards, were no longer sent for fun
Only wanted a card from that special one
Shedding tears when I received none

Valentine love began anew, when I found my sweet babu
With eyes of blue whose love would carry me through

Now on that special day, words are easy to say
We know this love is here to stay
As each day is a Valentine’s day

My wish for you on this day of love and kisses
That one day you will get your wishes
To find your own Mister or Mrs.

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