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Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Living a More Awe-Inspired Life: Author Interview with Allen Klein

Why do you think it’s so hard to keep New Year’s resolutions? 
I think that most people make resolutions that are too big. Smaller increments work better. Writing a book for example, is a daunting task. Writing a page a day, however, is manageable.  

Do you set New Year’s resolutions or are you more oriented to set incremental goals?
Keeping a final outcome in mind but taking small steps at a time have worked for me.

What are the most positive events you saw in your life in 2020? 
The biggest and most joyful one was in relationship to my daughter. We both live in the same city but before Covid only saw each other a few times a month because of our busy schedules. Since the beginning of the Pandemic, we speak to each other via phone every single day. Our chats have been filled with heart-felt feelings, information about family history, daily doings, and much laughter. Looking forward to hearing her voice at 5pm each day has helped me get through anxious times this year.
How have you been able to pull yourself up from the doldrums? 
Gratitude has also been one of my guiding lights. In fact, I have found that the more I am grateful for the things in my life, the more things come into my life for which to be grateful. In addition, I have also found it important to be grateful for the not-so-great-things. For they can be my greatest teacher.
You’ve recently released a new book that points out the need to refresh your attitude to have a better life entitled The Awe Factor. How did this book come about?
As I’m getting up in years, I looked back at my life and realized how many magical moments have occurred during my time on earth…from finding the perfect publisher, to acquiring a no-cost yearly New York City vacation apartment, and even getting to march in Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade.
I wanted to share the importance of recognizing the awe and wonder in our life, inspire others to recognize that in their own life, and show them ways to accomplish it.
What should people expect to learn from reading The Awe Factor
I want readers to realize that they don’t have to go to the Grand Canyon or Niagara Falls to find awe and wonder. It is all around them. All they need to do to find it is put down their cell-phones, get away from their computers, and start recognizing it. Moreover, I want readers to know that, according to recent research, awe-inspiring moments can help them be healthier and happier.
What type of research did you do in putting together the book?
First of all, I wanted to inspire readers with awe-inspiring stories, not only from my life but from others as well. Therefore. I interviewed a lot of people who shared all kinds of awe-related stories. And second, I wanted to document why getting more awe in our life is important. So I looked into the scientific research being done about awe.

What insights did you learn that amazed you in the process?
One was that awe was hard to define…that awe was in the eyes of the beholder. The other is results of some of the scientific research…like a mere 15-minute awe-focused walk a week can help relieve depression and anxiety, or just viewing a picture of a nature scene can induce the same benefits as actually being in nature itself.
What insights do you hope people will learn from reading this book?
That finding awe in their life is important and that it doesn’t have to be a big deal.  All they have to do is stop, look and listen to find it.
Ready to find more awe in your life? Or you might want to hear from others on the topic? Here are some links to learn more about Allen’s books.
The AWE Factor:

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