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Friday, May 20, 2022

Around the Web: Best Posts on Writing I've Discovered This Week


I subscribe to and follow several authors, blogs, and writing sources throughout the week.

Each Friday, I include links to FIVE sources to improve your writing that I found useful.

Here are my offerings for this week. Hope they inspire you to start writing and continue writing!

Love the examples she gives for misleading your reader with your opening lines that misdirect the reader as to your story's plot. Oops! I just did one of these with a kids story. I will rework as suggested. Read on and see if you agree.

You've probably heard an actor say, "What's my motivation?" This post reminds you of how to make sure you can answer that questions for your story characters.

Need some ideas for giveaway swag for your reader tribe? Check out this post.

Here's a fun quiz to see if you can pick out the writing errors.

If you write for kids or enjoy learning about new books, this is a blog you need to follow.

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