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Friday, May 13, 2022

Around the Web: Best Posts on Writing I've Discovered This Week

 I subscribe to and follow several authors, blogs, and writing sources throughout the week.

Each Friday, I include links to FIVE sources to improve your writing that I found useful.

Here are my offerings for this week. Hope they inspire you to start writing and continue writing!

So many things to learn in publishing and here are some tips to walk you through the process.  

I'm currently reading a murder mystery thriller that is great at ratcheting tension with a wronged suspect. I can't wait to see the final results. That's the kind of tension you want in your books for your readers.

Kids books that are hot sellers at schools and with publishers are those that deal with STEM concepts. Read this post for ideas how to incorporate them in your story.

Ever thought of releasing a chapter of your book at a time to build readership?Are you ready to give it a try? Review these resources and how it works.

Get motivated to start writing and finish the book!Plus there's a free download on marketing! 

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  1. Thanks, Christine. I hope many find it helpful. I love your background of the sea.