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Tuesday, October 25, 2022

Celebrating the Debut of The Sweetest Delights in Life Inspirational Romance Novel

What inspired you to write that first novel?
I'm an avid reader of romance novels in watching hallmark movies. a number of years ago, I joined the local chapter of romance writers of America because I thought it would be easy to get a contract to write a book from Harlequin. They had great in-person They had mini critiques and longer ones (10 Pages) online monthly. They critiqued my book from page one to the end. After that, I brought the book to my Christian writers’ critique group and had my book with all the previous revisions critiqued again beginning to end. Sent it out once more to a content editor.

I did send the book to Harlequin, but it was rejected. The reason they gave was my female protagonist spent too much time in the big city. In my storyline, my female protagonist is involved you know baking championship in L.A. – which took up one-tenth of the book. During this event, she temporarily lost her phone and could not be contact or be contacted open by anyone. Had I moved the championship to her small hometown, that would have made it easier to keep in touch without a phone. However, this time period away added some important tension issues to the story that I didn’t want to try to rebuild another way.

Did you contact other publishers and agents?
I did find an agent who was interested in working with me but it never went anywhere. I did get a contract from a small traditional publisher. This was a regular royalty paying publisher and not a hybrid. After reading their terms, I decided I'd rather give it a try on my own.

Your books are independently published. What’s the hardest part for you in publishing and marketing your own books?
Although it's fun to start writing a book and bringing it to a close, the middle part can be excruciating in trying to figure out the roller coaster ride for your characters. however trying to figure out how to format a book for someone who's not a techie is even more frustrating. Glad that I have writing friends that were available to answer my questions.

Choosing the cover design was tedious. Since I wanted real people rather than sketches on the cover, my designer directed me to a site with thousands of photos to find the ones I felt suited my characters best. When I looked at pictures of couples, I usually liked the male or the female but not both. Finally after hours of image reviews, I found one that I felt would work and it was easy for her to finish the backgrounds.

What is the hardest part of writing for you?
From the start, I have a beginning and an end. But finding the right middle components to move the story with the right tension is the hardest part for me.

What’s the best encouragement you’ve had in your writing?
My critique groups we're very encouraging to me to keep writing and keep revising. When it was all done and I had my first arc readers review my book told me it was hard put down really the book down, that really encouraged me!

Are there any other points about writing you would like to add?
I have two more inspirational romances and one time travel novel currently in revision. I also write children's stories and devotional books for children and adults. They are available in paperback and eBook formats. Y
ou can find all my books and more listed on my Amazon page at

Provide a short synopsis of your book.
Great first impressions can fall as fast as a souffle and become a recipe for disaster.

Jasmine Cattrell has returned home to Falcon Creek, Texas after crashing and burning with her previous dream job as a marketing exec and a disastrous breakup in Los Angeles. Once again, she’s working at her mom’s bakery where she learned the joys of baking. Now Jasmine has plans to revamp the shop and make it more profitable. She needs this success to rebuild her confidence and continue on with her previous career.

Trevor Lassitor, a food critic, can make or break businesses with his reviews. When he walks into the bakery there’s an immediate attraction between them, which intensifies as they share their interest in creating culinary delights. Only Trevor can't let personal feelings affect his reviews.

Incensed by his negative review, Jasmine angrily confronts him when they accidentally meet. Instead of blowing her off, Trevor finds a way to resolve their differences. As they grow closer, miscalculations and misunderstandings threaten to separate them for good. A TV baking competition, an ex-boyfriend, and a raging storm has Jasmine’s thoughts in a whirl. Will the fierce winds blow away her chance for love? Or will she still find the sweetest delights in life with the man she loves.

If you're a fan of Hallmark movies and sweet romance stories that warm your soul and make you smile, this book is for you! Find it at:

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