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Wednesday, January 4, 2023

It's a New Year and a New Book Debut!

For the last 12 years I've been writing devotionals for national and international magazines. Today I am debuting my Bible devotional for women entitled, A Closer Walk with Jesus: 52-Week Prayer Journal for Women. Each week begins with a scripture verse that covers subjects such as overcoming your fears, God’s grace, forgiveness, and dealing with adversity and daily trials. These verses will remind you God cares about you personally. 

The questions that follow each scripture reading are set up to do at your own pace during the week. At the end of the book there are additional pages for deeper meditation and notes on answered prayers. 

It is available in both eBook and paperback formats. At this point, the formatting does not allow the eBook to be read on Kindles, but it does work well with phones, tablets, and on your computer with the Kindle cloud reader. This is a continuation of the devotionals and study guides that I've published over the last two years.

In 2021, I debuted my first family devotional that was focused on the birth of Christ. It is
called The First Noel: Digging Deeper into Christ’s Birth. The book covers the story of his birth in a chronological order through the gospels of Matthew and Luke. I enjoyed doing the research and delving into the history and details of that time with referenced found outside of the Bible. In the book I provided links for additional study on the history as well as hymns and poems that tie the readings together. The feedback I've had from the study questions has shown that it’s touching people's hearts and bringing them closer to Christ.

In 2022, I was inspired to write a devotional and activity book just for kids. It's called Prayers, Poems, Praises, Bible Verses, and Fun Pages. This involved a totally different type of research to produce a completed book. Now besides scripture verses and life applications I had to find and create activities that would relate back to the Bible with a fun learning experience in the process. My extensive research provided me with materials to continue it as a series with two more books if there is sufficient demand for it.

Other books I'm considering publishing this year include re-spun fairy tales in either single 
picture books or as a compilation of short stories in one book without the color illustrations. I also have a contemporary sweet romance that’s a redemption story as well as a time travel romance in the process.

Here's the link to my Amazon page so you can get the details on all of my books and see which ones could be the perfect fit for your reading library. 

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