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Tuesday, September 26, 2023

Having Fun with Pets: Author Interview with Patricia Allieri

What made you decide to start writing picture books with animals? 

I started writing picture books when Covid 19 hit. I was working a school district and my school shut down. I had free time and already had a story in my head years before. So, I started to write. 

Are your cat and dog books based the animals at your home?
My story, Aqua Paws, is based on my cat, Jack. Unfortunately, he was hit by a car and passed on. I miss him terribly.

You publish as an indie author. How much of the book do you do yourself or hire others to do on your behalf?
I did a lot of the book myself. Mostly all my social media graphics were done on Canva. However, there are many mistakes I made along the way. I have hired several different editors, illustrators, and book designers too.

What was the hardest part of putting together your books?
I think the hardest part was getting the proper files to upload correctly. Different files for eBooks, paperback, and hardback cover with proper measurements etc.…Also, forgetting to add my LCCN # and barcode with price. That’s why I’m still learning!

What is the best encouragement you’ve had from readers?

I have read a lot of great reviews from my readers on Aqua Paws. Wow! I can’t believe what fabulous thoughts, ideas, and positive feedback I’ve received. This really make me so happy that people love my brave and courageous cat, Paws! My hope is that all readers are inspired by Aqua Paws. A water-loving kitty that teaches us to be brave and to take care of each other and our oceans!

Marketing is the biggest key to getting sales. What is the best marketing source you've used that has produced more sales rather than just clicks?
My biggest thing to getting sales was putting my book on Amazon for pre-orders. Yes. At least four months before it’s released. This was the most sales I made before the book even came out! I have also done a book signing, book consignment at a local bookstore, in a Colorado Springs bookstore and coffee shop.

What do you know now about publishing you wished you had known sooner?
I wish I known more about marketing and getting sales. Now I know that Amazon ads are very critical to getting your book seen by readers. If a reader does not see your book, they don’t even know its available. Advertise, advertise……I understand it cost money. But you should invest in yourself and your book. Even if it’s a small amount of money.

Are there any other points about writing you would like to add? 
Yes. Never to give up on your writing and publishing dreams!

Tell me about your newest book? Can you give me some details? How can it be pre-ordered?
I just finished a new manuscript that has been professionally edited for My Pet book series,
which is also selling on Amazon. This is the third book in the series, plus the Aqua Paws book. The books are very short in length, read-alouds and are about pets that act like silly animals.

That's all for today's interview. If you'd like to learn more about Patricia's fun books, check out these links.
Website: https://www.aquakidsbooks/.com/ 
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  1. Thanks, Chris, for this interview. I definitely understand the learning as you go. I've been tempted to do pre-sales, but wasn't sure how that worked to the author's advantage. I see her book on Amazon and wonder if Patricia uses Ingram Sparks for her hardback. Thanks again, Chris.