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Friday, December 15, 2023

It's Beginning to Read Like a Sweet Chritmas Romance 2023: Author Interview with Jess Hansen

What made you decide to write Christmas themed books
Could you give a short synopsis on the books for my readers?
I honestly love the feeling of the Christmas season.  The music, the lights, the gathering of family and friends… it is a magical time of year when anything is possible. As a small-town girl myself, I love small-town romances. Pairing my love of Christmas with small-town romances seemed like the perfect combination!
All of my books are categorized as clean and wholesome romance, so they are appropriate for any age to read. That is important to me because I have a teenage daughter who is a voracious reader.  Finding positive stories without adult content hasn’t always been easy for us.  When I started writing fiction three years ago, it was my goal to create lighthearted happy-ever-afters for everyone.  
My Christmas series, Heartwarming Holidays, has warm holiday feels all wrapped in a cozy small-town romanceAn interconnected series of novellas, this list is short and sweet and filled with holiday joy!  My newest release is Mistletoe Wishes, A Sweet Christmas Collection that includes all of the beloved stories of my readers’ favorite couple: Melanie and Tom. For these best friends to more, it all started on Christmas Eve. The collection includes an exclusive bonus short story that everyone has been waiting for: a wedding!
What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions?

In our small-town, Santa rides up and down every single street just after dinner on Christmas Eve.  Pulled by a wagon, our local fire trucks honk and blow their sirens to announce his arrival in their mini street parade.  When my daughter was small, they used to stop and say her name in front of our house.  Now that she is older we still stand outside anxiously awaiting his arrival and wave.  Inside we always have a fire burning in our fireplace, holiday music playing and a few last minute cookies in the oven. 
What’s next in writing for you? 
So much!  I have a brand new Christmas series debuting soon.  Clayton Avenue Christmas is a series trilogy of three generations of women living on Clayton Avenue in the sweet small-town of Holly Oak.  The Hope of Christmas is up first!  
Here is a little glimpse:
The small-town of Holly Oak is brimming with holiday spirit.  The cobblestone streets of the downtown are bathed in twinkly lights with  music streaming from each decorated storefront from Thanksgiving through the New Year.  Sounds of the season feel like a warm hug in the chill of winter air.  While historic town bells hang from every lamp post on Main and Commerce Streets. 
Perhaps the most jolly street of all is Clayton Avenue.  One of oldest streets in the town, the homes are decked out with colored light displays that glisten in the darkness of early evening.  
The Fairchilds have called Clayton Avenue home since the fifties.  Rose Fairchild grew up there in the thirties and purchased a home next door to her parents after she got married.  She raised her daughter, Lily Anna, there and then her grandchildren, Sadie Lynn and Frankie.  The house now belongs to Sadie and with it all of the traditions of the holiday season.  
Clayton Avenue Christmas is a sweet trilogy of three generations of Fairchild women.  Filled with hope, memories and the light of the holiday season, this series is worth cuddling up with!
What’s the best writing tip you’ve learned or been given you’d like to share?
Write every single day.  It isn’t always easy juggling all the hats of motherhood, marriage, and the things life throws at us; but putting down a few words every day is so important to keep the creative juices flowing.  
What do you know now about writing and publishing you wish you had learned sooner?

It is okay to make mistakes.  As an Indie Author, especially starting out I thought everything had to be perfect.  Ha! Few things in life ever are.  Mistakes are opportunities to learn and grow!  
Any last words or tips?
Thank you so much for having me! I am so excited to share my love of books, sweet romance and Chritsmas with everyone! 
Are there any other books that you’d like to tell my readers about?
My Sweet Summer Landings series is a collection of summer love stories. Each novel features a different couple ranging in age from YA to Later in Life. 
The Landings is a charming small town where each season is more beautiful than the last. Lapping tides, landing waterfowl, and the call of tree frogs in the distance provide an ongoing romantic soundtrack. Relax into this little coastal village in the Mid-Atlantic. Enjoy perfect seasons, swoony first kisses and heartwarming happily ever afters in this sweet romance series.
That's all for today's interview. Jess has many more books than just the Christmas ones and here's how you can get all their details.

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And here's a freebie for my readers... Moonlight and Mistletoe: A Short & Sweet Christmas Romance is free to read for a limited time:

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